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Brief Introduction

Over decades, we have been dedicated to provide special and high quality chemicals widely used in Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals to multi-national companies. Hi-tech’s reputation is embodied in its good cooperation with qualified suppliers and business personnel’s professional services.

Key products

Fluorinated aromatic compounds and Pyridine derivatives

2000+ products in regular stock and develop 100+ pipeline products every year

1.     Trifluoromethylbenzene Series

2.     Fluoro Toluene Series

3.     Trifluoroanisole Series

4.     Benzaldehyde Series

5.     Fluoro Phenyl Boronic Acid Series

6.     Fluoro Benzoic Acid Series

7.     Fluoro Iodo Series

8.     Fluoro Benzyl Bromide Series

9.     Phenylacetic Acid Series

10.  Other Fluoro-Chemicals And Compounds Of Pyridine

Rich Experience in Reactions

1.     Fluoridation

2.     Curtius Rearrangement

3.     Claisen Condensation

4.     Grignard Reaction

5.     Ultra-low Temperature Reation